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    23 "Barefoot Contessa" Memes That Are Both Gourmet And Hilarious

    How easy was that?

    Hi, my name is Sam, and I love Ina Garten AND I love memes. So I figured it was my civic duty to round up the best Barefoot Contessa memes on the internet. Have you seen some of these before? POSSIBLY. Are they all made with GOOD vanilla? ABSOLUTELY.

    Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

    1. Like when people were freaking out over THIS response to a political question she received:

    2. Seriously, picturing Ina single-handedly bringing down the patriarchy is kind of fun:

    3. ALTHOUGH we should have been giving her credit all along:

    4. Seriously, this is the ONLY reality TV president I'd ever approve of:

    5. It's also funny picturing who she would have played if her friend Taylor Swift cast her in the "Bad Blood" music video:

    6. And don't even get me started on Ina and Jeffrey:


    8. Face it, we all want to be a little more like Ina:

    9. Or even just have a little more of her in our lives:

    10. She's a diva:

    11. She's FABULOUS:

    12. And yeah, she's a gay icon:

    13. Seriously, she did what all the other pop girls COULDN'T do:

    14. Also, I'm here for frisky Barefoot Contessa memes:

    15. Get your freak on, girl!

    16. Also here for Sassy Ina:

    17. SO HERE FOR IT:

    18. Also very much here for jokes at her expense:

    19. She just leads that fantastic fancy lifestyle:

    20. And I'm VERY here for it:

    21. This is a blessed image:

    22. How about drinking games that are almost guaranteed to give you alcohol poisoning?:

    23. And finally, the most important question of all: