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    17 Items Of Clothing Adult Men Should Think Twice About Wearing

    Everyone puts their jeans on one leg at a time. Just make sure it's the right pair of jeans!

    1. Baggy cargo shorts

    2. Toe shoes

    3. Sandals with socks

    4. Pleated shorts

    5. Cell phone clip

    6. Square-toed shoes

    7. Suits that are too big

    8. "Shoes" that look like Lego toys:

    9. Boxers

    10. Inappropriate T-shirts

    11. Ill-fitting dress shirts

    12. Boot-cut/flared jeans

    13. Big studded belts

    14. Fedoras

    15. Baggy swim trunks

    16. Way-too-deep V necks

    17. Capris