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17 Little Details You, Like, Totally Never Noticed In "Legally Blonde"

Bend and snap into this post!

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7. Oh, and can we just take a moment to look at the faces on the Harvard Law admissions officers when they're watching Elle's video?

8. If you pay close attention, Bruiser always has amazing outfits throughout the movie, but his best might be the Harvard sweater he's sporting when Elle first drives to campus.


10. When the students are going around in a circle introducing themselves during orientation, there's this random sixth dude in Elle's group — but he never speaks.

11. Kenya Moore — yup, THAT Kenya from The Real Housewives of Atlanta — is on the cover of the magazine Paulette is reading when she first meets Elle.

12. For someone who got a 179 on her LSAT, it's kind of strange that Elle didn't purchase a laptop until the end of October/beginning of November in her first semester at law school.


That would be about two to three months into her law school career, since we know the costume party is around Halloween.


14. All of the faces during the "bend and snap" scene are pretty priceless, but the best might be this older woman in the background.

15. Raquel Welch features as Windham's ex-wife, and she takes the stand against workout guru Brooke — which is ironic, because in real life, Welch had her own line of beauty/fitness books and videos.

16. Elle's outfits progress to be more and more understated throughout her time at law school, but she switches back to pink in the final courtroom scene — and of course, she promptly nails Chutney (and her perm) on the stand.

She went back to basics, and it paid off.

17. "Perfect Day" by Hoku plays during the first and last scene of the movie, which actually kind of makes PERFECT sense. In the first scene, Elle thinks she's going to have the perfect day, only to have it ruined. At the end of the movie, her graduation is her ACTUAL perfect day.

What a perfect ending.

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