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Lady Gaga Just Beautifully Articulated Why She's Publicly Supported Kesha

"If we don't stick together, our voices won't be heard."

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Lady Gaga hasn't been shy about publicly supporting fellow pop star Kesha during the latter's recent legal battles.

From publicly voicing her support... literally being by her side, Gaga has been one of Kesha's strongest supporters.

Today, Gaga appeared on AMP Radio and spoke to Carson Daly about her support for Kesha — and her words were both poignant and powerful, as she speaks openly about her own experience with being sexually assaulted:

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You can also read a transcript of the interview here.

The truth is I think she's being very publicly shamed for something that happens in the music industry all the time to women and men. I just want to stand by her side because I can't watch another woman who went through what I've been through suffer, and have everyone have a go at her as if she's lying…I talk to her every day, I'm friends with her personally, and what I'm watching her go through is not only something I've been through but something that's really devastating to witness. Somebody that has such a beautiful light within them, so much talent to give, just to see that light burn out because they feel that no one is listening to them, I just feel that it's my responsibility to stand up for her when there's a lot of people not listening to her plea for love, for people to have compassion and empathy.
I care about her…we're not saying here that everyone has to act like they're the worst person that's ever existed, we're not asking the company to admit something, we're just asking them to do the right thing. This is almost a 30-year old woman who is a musician and an incredible talent. In any other business, if you were to report that anything happened to you to the human resources department, it would be dealt with. But we don't have a human resources department, we don't have a union as artists. We're just fighting for ourselves, and we have these huge obstacles against us. If we don't stick together, our voices won't be heard.

Beautifully said, Lady Gaga!


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