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FYI, Kim Kardashian Wore A Furkini And It Is Everything

Looking FURBULOUS, duh.

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Kim Kardashian has seemingly done it all in her 34 years on this planet: starred in a reality TV show, landed on the cover of Vogue, and served as personal assistant to Paris Hilton.

E! / Via JennerNation

Basically, she is a Renaissance woman, a woman of many talents.

But there was one glaring thing missing from her resumé: wearing a fur bikini, aka "Furkini."


UNTIL TODAY. Kim has #blessed us with three ICONIC images of herself frolicking on snowy slopes in some exotic mountainous locale.

Naturally, the Furkini as Kim has dubbed it is a Kanye West design. NATURALLY. #BootsWithTheFur

Is Kim thinking about breaking the internet again? Or considering recording a followup to her smash single "Jam (Turn It Up)"? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.

But I hope it's the latter.

But one thing IS for certain: In the immortal words of Kim K herself, she's feeling her look. CAN SHE LIVE?!?!


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