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    A Deep Dive Into The Theory That Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Will End Their Feud At The VMAs

    Just bear with me.

    OK so full disclaimer: The following theory is purely conjecture. I will freely admit I do NOT have the receipts. But I'm a messy gay who's fluent in drama, so I've got an eye for this sort of thing.

    Here's the deal: I'm convinced Taylor Swift and Katy Perry (who are in a long, drawn out Wonderbread feud) will bury the hatchet at this year's VMAs.

    Here's my thought process, based on wishful thinking/internet sleuthing/conjecture.

    First of all, Katy will be hosting this year's VMAs. Her Witness era hasn't exactly lived up to expectations, but she's about to go on tour. The event — which is scheduled for August 27 — offers her a chance to hit reset before she starts doing shows and the American Idol reboot next year.

    She's also scheduled to be performing at this year's show! My guess would be that she'll be singing "Swish, Swish" since she's still promoting the song — the music video hasn't even come out yet!

    You *ALSO* might recall that "Swish, Swish" is allegedly a "diss" track/response to "Bad Blood" (kind of a lukewarm one TBH) aimed at Taylor Swift.

    But Katy has publicly changed her tune about her feud with Taylor. She says she's ready to bury the hatchet, and at the live performance of "Swish, Swish" during her mega-livestream earlier this year, she actually changed the lyrics of the song to seem like less of a diss track aimed at Taylor.

    MEANWHILE, all has been fairly quiet on Taylor Swift's front — until today. She purged all posts on her social media accounts, literally leaving a "Blank Space" on her Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and website.

    Most people are taking this to mean that new music is on the way, which makes sense...her 1989 era kicked off three full years ago! We are overdue for new music!

    It ALSO appears like she does NOT follow anyone on social media anymore...but that might not actually be the case.

    When you click the "0" of who she follows on Twitter on your phone, it actually goes through to a list of people that it looks like she follows. It might be a glitch, or it might be a secret feature! Either way, the very first person who shows up is none other than one Miss KATY PERRY.

    So that's what I've got. A Twitter follow, a diss track that's no longer a diss track to promote, and a music awards show where messy shit ALWAYS happens. I know guys, I's a bit of a stretch.

    But what if Katy performs "Swish, Swish" and Taylor magically shows up?! They sing together, kiss, make up, and all is right in stan Twitter? It's almost TOO perfect.

    I might not be working with a lot, but it really would make a lot of sense. The VMAs are THE event where artists come to make a big PR statement. Taylor buried the hatchet with Nicki Minaj a few short years she knows how this works.

    Katy seems receptive to ending the feud. Taylor (probably) has new music to promote. And these two women are two of the smartest, savviest people in entertainment, PERIOD. It would be mutually beneficial to make this happen.

    So what do you think? Did I miss anything? Leave receipts in the comments section below. Otherwise, we'll figure out the truth on August 27.