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18 Hilarious Tweets From People Who Can't Get Over How Fast Katie Ledecky Is

"Make America Katie Ledecky Again."

ICYMI, American swimmer Katie Ledecky *SMASHED* her own world record in the 400-meter freestyle, winning an Olympic gold medal in the process. Naturally, people on Twitter were impressed.

1. It goes without saying that Katie is very, very fast:

*katie ledecky dries off, walks up to the middle of the podium* *rest of field finally finishes*

2. Like, she might actually be a shark:

BREAKING: Katie Ledecky tests positive for gills.

3. So most of her race is actually just her waiting for the other swimmers to finish:

Katie Ledecky waiting for everyone else to finish 😂

4. Oh, and Katie winning gold is American AF:

"america doesn't win anymore" katie ledecky: "watch me"

5. Who needs Captain America when you have Katie Ledecky?

How can anyone say a country with Katie Ledecky and Michael Phelps isn't great?

6. Someone needs to make this their campaign slogan:

7. And honestly, you'll believe this for a second:

The crazy thing is Katie Ledecky swims home to America every night and makes it back in time for her events.

8. Yeah, having Katie on Team USA is pretty badass because we've basically got the Olympics version of the Avengers:

We got Michael Phelps, Simone Biles, Serena Williams, Katie Ledecky and the US basketball team. Who ya got @World?

9. Actually, now that we think about it, what if she were a superhero?

simone biles and katie ledecky were born 3 days apart and i'm not saying there was a secret march 1997 project to create superhumans but

10. Because maybe she should be winning in ~style~:

Is it legal for Katie Ledecky to finish the last ten feet of every race doing the running man underwater

11. And honestly, maybe the IOC *should* allow the Russians to use steroids just so they have a shot at keeping up with Katie:

Russians should be allowed to dope twice as much before they swim against Katie Ledecky

12. Because she is 👏SO👏DAMN👏FAST👏:

Katie Ledecky is so fast she’s already heard Frank Ocean’s new album

13. NBC, can you arrange this?

Honestly I don't know why NBC isn't just airing whatever Katie Ledecky is doing right now. Is Katie Ledecky eating some fries? Wanna see it!

14. Because we could all learn a little something from Katie:

Katie Ledecky lapping ya entire existance

15. World records don't stand a chance:

I don't think that yellow line has what it takes to catch Katie Ledecky tbh


Simone Biles is the Simone Biles of gymnastics, and Katie Ledecky is the Katie Ledecky of swimming. K? K. 🇺🇸

17. Because Katie wins on her own freaking terms:

Very much appreciate the commentary on "People say she swims like a man; she doesn't swim like a man, she swims like Katie Ledecky."

18. And when you think about it, THIS is what we really should be saying:

Michael Phelps is the Katie Ledecky of men’s swimming.

Bravo, Katie. Now bring home some more gold medals!

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