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    May The Beyhive Have Mercy On Karlie Kloss Because She Thought Destiny's Child Sang "Waterfalls"

    Um, how do we break this to you, Karlie?

    This is Karlie Kloss. She's a supermodel.

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    Recently, Karlie was asked by Love magazine to write a "mega fan profile" about her favorite artist. Like anyone on planet Earth with a pair of eyes and ears, Karlie stans for Beyoncé.

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    Although in the interview she calls herself the "biggest" fan of Queen Bey, which seems like a bold statement.

    The interview for the most part seems to be going FINE. Karlie even remembers to accent the second "e" in Beyoncé, like any good member of the Hive.

    But when you look at her answer to the question "How have they influenced your life?" Karlie makes a mistake so egregious she might want to put herself in witness protection because hell hath no fury like the Beyhive scorned.

    Yup, upon closer examination, it *APPEARS* Karlie thinks Destiny's Child is responsible for the classic ’90s R&B jam "Waterfalls."


    She mentions Destiny's Child earlier in the interview, so I'm assuming she means them when she references the song. The cherry on top of the sundae is Karlie's intentionally placed "C'MON" before "Waterfalls" like it's Destiny's Child's most well-known song.

    The only problem? "Waterfalls" is sung by legendary girl group TLC...NOT Destiny's Child.

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    They both have three members? Maybe that's how she got confused.

    Luckily, Karlie seems to be a pretty good sport about the whole ordeal.

    Better luck next time, Karlie.


    You can check out Karlie's full interview here. H/T to the Who? Weekly Facebook page.


    Karlie *might* have gotten her Beyoncé songs confused — the song "Rocket" off of Beyoncé includes the following lyrics:

    "Baby, I know you can feel it pulse

    Keeping the peak of my waterfall

    Rock it, baby, rock it, baby, rock it ’til the water falls down



    The song "Rocket" is off the album Beyoncé. An earlier version of the post incorrectly said it is off of 4. May the Beyhive be merciful to the author for his mistake.

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