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Justin Bieber Just Uploaded The Most Awkward Photo To Instagram

*Forms hands into awkward turtle sign.*

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Justin Bieber: You may know him as a musical genius and the voice of his generation.

Yesterday, Justin uploaded this picture to Instagram with the caption "Studio in the kitchen."

How exciting! It would appear that Justin is hard at work, whipping up some new jams, and rocking his Beats while producing new music. Except for one thing....

Let's get a little closer...




Justin's headphones are clearly NOT plugged in. What is he listening to? Is he *actually* even making music? What is he really doing on the computer? WHAT IS JUSTIN NOT TELLING US???

*arms flailing because of awkwardness.*

*covers ears to silence the sound of millions of Beliebers screaming off in the distance.*

It's OK Justin, we forgive you.