22 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You Are A Runner

    Baby you were born to run!

    1. Shoes

    2. Feet

    3. Distance

    4. Buddy

    5. Bathroom

    6. Weather

    What it normally means: Meteorological activity.

    What it means when you're a runner: Unless it's a Category 5 hurricane, you are most definitely going on that run. What, like a little snow would ever stop you?

    7. Kick

    8. Sweat

    9. Drinking

    10. Long-distance

    What it normally means: Being in a relationship with someone when you aren't in the same city.

    What it means when you're a runner: A long, scenic run. Or a grueling half-marathon/marathon. You get to pick!

    11. Blisters

    12. Mile

    What it normally means: 5,280 feet.

    What it means when you're a runner: More than a unit of measurement of your workout, it's something you obsessively track in your head. When you're running, you ALWAYS have a weird sense of how far you've ran and how far you have left to go.

    13. Phone

    14. Race

    15. Headphones

    16. Excuses

    What it normally means: A reason to not do something.

    What it means when you're a runner: You'll cook up some lame excuse in your head to not run, wrestle with the decision, but eventually, you KNOW you're going on that run. No. Matter. What.

    17. Tan

    18. Music

    19. Treadmill

    20. Snack

    21. Tired

    What it normally means: That feeling where either you grab a coffee or go to bed to make it go away.

    What it means when you're a runner: That wall you have to push through — and like a true ass-kicker, you will — to break through to the next level.

    22. Running