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    22 Reasons Iced Coffee Is The Best Friend You Could Ever Ask For

    It's way chill, for starters.

    It's a hot summer day, and you need something cool and refreshing. But any old beverage won't do.

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    No, you need something that will cool you down, tickle your senses, AND perk you up.

    1. And then it hits you like a caffeinated hurricane: ICED COFFEE IS THE ANSWER TO ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS.

    2. Iced coffee is your best friend because you can have it EXACTLY how you want it. No milk, skim milk, with vanilla, or maybe with ice blended in. THERE ARE NO WRONG ANSWERS.

    3. Seriously, it tastes amazing dressed up...

    4. ...or dressed down.

    5. There are even some funky international ways of drinking iced coffee that you definitely should try.

    6. There really is no better summer beverage than the magical combination of ice and coffee. NONE.

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    7. It's literally the BEST way to start your day off on the right foot. Or should we say, the right sip!

    8. And feeling a lull in the afternoon? Iced coffee will pick you up when you are in need of a boost.

    9. Ordering a small iced coffee? HAHAHAHA nope.


    10. You're probably best off ordering a large, or in Starbucks speak, a "Venti." Because the more friendship, the better.

    11. Or if you're REALLY feeling thirsty, order a Trenta. Seriously, why not spend more time (and more sipping) with your ice-cold buddy?

    12. Also, iced coffee cools you off and will tingle your tongue, soothing your senses like only a true friend could!

    13. It tastes good whether you sip it...

    14. ...or you guzzle it.

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    15. Also, iced coffee is low-cal so you can enjoy as much as you want and still be the total babe that you are.

    16. Also, caffeine. SO MUCH CAFFEINE. Like any good friend, iced coffee will pick you up when you're feeling low.

    17. Also, is there anything prettier than watching milk swirl around in iced coffee? NOPE.

    18. There probably is NOTHING better in the world than treating yourself to an iced coffee at your favorite coffee shop.

    19. It's also a ton of fun — and super easy — to make your own iced coffee at home.

    Here's a recipe for perfect iced coffee from The Food Network's Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond!

    20. And iced coffee can fit into your gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan dietary needs!

    21. Not to mention it can be a healthy choice for your body...

    22. ...and your mind!


    So what are you waiting for? Iced coffee is the friend you NEED and DESERVE right now!

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