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21 Pictures That Will Only Make Sense To People With Siblings

Growing up together...the struggle is real!

1. This move you pulled with your siblings when you were fighting over the remote:

2. When you tried to play it cool while your siblings got roasted by your parents:

3. When you experienced the ultimate sibling schadenfreude:

4. When curiosity killed the proverbial cat:

When your friends ask if they can go in your sibling's room

5. When the family dog just wasn't loyal:

6. When your siblings just didn't respect your babysitting authority:

7. When your parents insisted you HAD to match for the Christmas card:

When your parents insist on dressing you and your siblings the same #GrammysRedCarpet

8. When you had to issue a subtle threat:

9. When the horseplay got a little too rough, and you tried to play it cool:

10. When you had to share a bed on vacation and you felt like you were playing sardines:

11. When you did splitsies, but of course you had to be the one splitting the food:

12. When one of your siblings said something fresh and you knew your parents were about to go off and you didn't want to get caught in the crossfire:

13. When giving your siblings your Netflix password was a terrible, no-good idea:

14. When you tried to borrow your older sibling's clothes but were caught red-handed:

15. When this happened, and it really didn't make any sense:

16. When someone had the nerve to say this directly to your face:

17. When you got away with what seemed like the Crime of the Century at the time:

18. When your little siblings just couldn't follow simple directions:

19. Just like...whenever shit like this happened (and it TOTALLY did):

Growing up with siblings 😂😂 (Vine by @TheLadBible)

20. When you snooped through their stuff but you had to be super stealthy:

21. And finally, when your siblings tried to play THIS shit and thought they could get away with it: