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    26 Moments That Made Anyone Who Grew Up With A Strict Mom Go "Shit!"

    Getting the "Where are you?" text, for starters.

    1. When you ask "Can I..." and before you can even finish your sentence, your mom says an emphatic "NO!"

    2. When your friends don't really know how your mom works:

    3. When getting called home by your mom feels like a Shakespearean tragedy:

    4. When your mom comes into your room and thinks she's going to catch you red-handed:

    5. When you're dating someone and they think they're going to get to meet your mom:

    6. When you were enjoying some peace and quiet alone at home and then this happens:

    7. When you check your texts and it feels like the apocalypse:

    8. When there's no way your mom is going to let you take a sick day from school:

    #GrowingUpBlack "Get it together because you're going to school tomorrow"

    9. When you see your friends outside enjoying the sun, but your mom told you to clean your room:

    10. When you forget to do your chores and you know your mom is going to tear you a new one:

    11. When you're making a beeline out of your house:

    12. When your mom decides to drag your dad into a situation:

    13. When you need to get your friends in line, because your mom might punish them too:

    14. When you're getting home after a night out but you're trying to play it cool so your mom doesn't suspect anything:

    15. When you make a last-minute request and somehow you get your mom to approve it:

    16. When you're checking your missed calls and you know where all 10 of these came from:

    17. When you're hanging out with your friends but your mom needs the receipts that you're not up to no good:

    18. When you're trying to have a fun night out, but your mom makes it seem like Mission: Impossible:

    19. When your mom is going off on one of your siblings and you’re trying to hold it together, because you don't want to be next:

    20. When your mom says this and you try your hardest not to roll your eyes:

    21. When your mom gets a call from one of your teachers:

    22. When you try to tell your mom that no, you won't be home by 11, and you know this is the face she's making:

    #GrowingUpWithStrictParents "ill be home really late tonight" mom:

    23. When you ask to have a sleepover and mom shuts that idea down real fast:

    24. When you try to play it cool when an accident happens:

    25. When your mom busts out your full name and you know you're cooked:

    26. And finally, when you really, really screw up: