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Literally Just A Bunch Of Tweets About Food That Will Make You Actually LOL

Yum, but also LOL.

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2. As well as this pun that's cereal-ously funny:

I had generic Frosted Flakes this morning. They were gggggooood.

3. This nutritious prank:

4. And this joke that will only make sense if you're a film major *AND* into Italian food:

come to my italian restaurant The Bechamel Test where women eat lasagne and don’t talk about men


5. This tweet that will change the way you look at pasta forever:

are we gonna talk about how baby sting rays look like haunted ravioli

6. And this funny, but way too real tweet:

I don't like who I become when I'm left alone with a bag of chips.

7. This one is WAY too real too:

Breakfast: 300 calories Lunch: 400 calories Dinner: 600 calories Evening Snack: 2,400,000 calories

8. This throwback:


9. This example of #RelationshipGoals:

*sidles up close* Me: I think I love you Me: That's ok. Don't say anything Me: You're not a talker Me: Gonna eat you up Cheese dip:...

12. And this sugary sweet play on words:

When your cheesecake recipe tells you to "chill in the fridge for 1hr"


13. This guy, who proves not all heroes wear capes:

Guy on this bus is packing a 30 gallon drum of Cinnabon frosting

14. And what friendship is really like:

me: can i have a chicken nugget them: sure my phone: you just received a venmo request for $0.62

15. This #gourmet tweet:

16. Food Network shows, in one tweet:

Chopped: make dinner out of motor oil and baby hair Cutthroat Kitchen: taze your opponent while they prep a burrito The golden age of TV


17. Same here:

Someone on the food network: you can make this recipe with ingredients in your own home! So we're gonna start with our pigeon meat

18. When your Mexican food is more poppin' than your makeup:

Use flash to make sure her highlight pop

19. Rules for ordering red meat:

Steak guide: Rare:Seared outside,75% red inside Medium: Seared outside,25% red inside Well Done: Order chicken, you steak-hating bastard

20. And this accurate statement:

Only a serial killer would carry pizzas like this


21. This incredibly difficult photo challenge:

22. Not all political news is bad:

This is what the electoral map would look like if only dogs voted

23. This amazing play on words:

*takes your order* *goes to kitchen* *comes back* "did you say grilled cheese or gorilla cheese?" grilled *sighs* *goes to kitchen*

24. And this one too:

ME: The new girl is a vegan BOSS: so Me: I feel like I've met her... BOSS: STOP ME: but I know... BOSS: DON'T ME: i've never seen herbivore


25. When you're *THAT* coworker:

I'm trying to convince my coworker to go to lunch so I can eat the skittle under his desk

26. Modern dating:

The tinder app looks too much like the chipotle app and everytime i think i have a match i’ve actually just ordered another burrito

27. And finally, this perfect tweet:

All the Pringle ladies All the Pringle ladies All the Pringle ladies All the Pringle ladies Get their hands stuck