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24 Hilarious Food Network Memes That Will Make You Actually LOL

Your taste buds AND funny bone will approve.

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1. This truth that speaks deeply to you:

2. You, after watching a single episode of Chopped:

3. Giada, any time she needs to pronounce something Italian with way too much flair:

Food Network / Via

4. This detail in Chopped that you were not the only one to notice:

5. This astute observation about Cupcake Wars:

6. "Me in crisis mode":

Food Network

7. This tweet, which is way funnier than it should be:

8. This brief yet accurate visual summary of Cutthroat Kitchen:

9. Things that cause your blood pressure to rise uncontrollably:

10. This kinky Food Network fetish:

11. This lovely and tasty poem:

12. This Chopped meme that will shake you to the core:

13. Your obsession with Food Network in one picture:

14. When you probably have watched a little too much Food Network:

Food Network / Via

15. Chopped in one Tumblr post:

16. When you channel your favorite Food Network personalities:

17. When you didn't realize tears would be part of the recipe:

NBC / Via

18. Basically anyone and everyone who competes on Chopped:

19. When it hits you that Guy Fieri will never be filming a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in your neck of the woods:

20. This chef meme that'll rock you to the core:

Food Network / Via

21. This perfect Kid Baking Championship meme:

22. Oh yes, and a PERFECT Cutthroat Kitchen meme:

E! / Via

23. And another one:

Super Deluxe / Via

24. Finally, when your whole family becomes Food Network converts:

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