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17 Times Fiona The Hippo Was The Best Part Of 2017

2017 was a time to feel HIP.

Everyone knows 2017 has been, um... How do I put this? QUITE THE YEAR. But it hasn't been ALL bad. Sassy, gassy, classy social media sensation Fiona the Hippo has been the one thing that has united us ALL, and reminded us that there is SOME good left in the world.

1. Like when she was basically every person who is single when she photobombed this couple's engagement photo...

2. ...and when she gave cute kisses through the glass to this young visitor to the Cincinnati Zoo.

3. When someone photoshopped her to be the Time Person of the Year...and we actually kind of wished that it were true.

4. When she made sassy side-eye look this cute.

5. And when we caught her checking herself out in the mirror (but TBH, who could blame her?!).

6. When she was ALWAYS camera-ready.

7. And when she was just TOO damn adorable.

8. When she exhibited perfect balance surfing on her mom's back.

9. And when she even made farting look graceful.

10. When she made yawning iconic.

11. And when she bellowed like this:

12. When she played with bubbles (I could watch this on loop for hours):

13. And when she celebrated Halloween.

14. When she proudly showed off her chubby chin.

15. And when she was as graceful as a ballerina.

16. When it was nap time.

17. And finally, when she celebrated her first Christmas (obviously she made the Good List).

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