27 School Supplies That Will Give You Intense Elementary School Flashbacks

You can’t ERASE these memories.

1. These, which you spent more time smelling and less time drawing with.

Watermelon was definitely the best, but blueberry was kind of gross too.

2. These suckers, which never, ever stayed closed for long.

And then all your precious supplies went flying all over the classroom.

3. These sticky things — you especially loved getting it all over your fingers and peeling it off.

The best feeling in the world, right?

4. Or you had these, except you probably lost a fair share over the course of the school year.

Did your desk swallow them?

5. These next-gen writing utensils, which seemed futuristic to your elementary school self at the time.

The mechanical pencil is truly mightier than the sword.

6. You had to crunch numbers (and spell out BOOBLESS) on one of these bad boys.

God bless your childhood sense of humor.

7. If you were feeling like you needed something oh-so-pretty, then you went with all Lisa Frank stuff.


8. These erasers, which really didn’t do that much erasing.

But at least they looked pretty!

9. In theory, these were pretty awesome…but they were really just a nuisance.

You jammed these more than once, right?

10. School supply shopping was never complete without a Crayola 64-pack of crayons.

Of course, you always got the colors out of order pretty much right after opening it.

11. But out of the 64 crayons, at least one of them wouldn’t behave.

It ruined more than one of your masterpieces.

12. Then there was the holy grail of art supplies:

You almost didn’t want to touch any of the markers, crayons, etc. because it all looked so perfect.

13. The milky goodness of these was unforgettable, despite the fact they never wrote or drew as well as you’d hoped.


14. And if you were REALLY lucky, you had some of the multicolored milky gel pens in your backpack.


15. Speaking of backpacks, you totally rocked a JanSport to school.

It was pretty gnarly by the end of the year though.

16. Math class wasn’t complete without one of these.

It saved your ass more than once.

17. You definitely had some construction paper for arts and crafts, and the smell will haunt you until the end of time.

Yup, THAT smell.

18. To cut through that construction paper in art class, you of course needed a pair of these, most likely teal or purple.

Nice and sharp. JK, not too sharp.

19. You definitely had one of these in your backpack at all times, and totally mastered “Hot Cross Buns.”

Truly iconic.

20. These helpful and colorful things that helped you get a grip.

Pun totally intended.

21. Also, reading wasn’t so bad because these bookmarks were rad AF.

Turning pages was super cool.

22. These were completely necessary when you were writing all that addition and subtraction.




And emptying one of these felt oh-so-good.

23. These weren’t the most exciting supplies, but you still had at least one. And it definitely snapped at some point during the school year.

Somsak Dalad / Getty Images


24. If you were LUCKY, you had one of these, which were like the Rolls-Royce of pencil cases.

Really, they were so much more than just a pencil case.

25. But you might have had to settle for one of these instead.

Still not bad!

26. You carried lunch in one of these, complete with a clunky-ass thermos.

How often did you even use that thing though?

27. Or if you were lucky, you had the greatest lunchtime school supply of them all.

You were a true elementary school gourmand.

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