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23 Things Everyone From L.A. Is Thankful For

Giving thanks for In-N-Out, mostly.

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1. Not getting a parking ticket when you leave your car in a spot for an extra five minutes.

Give thanks because: Because for once, the Parking Gods smiled down upon you fondly.

2. Matching with someone on Tinder who lives near your neighborhood.


Give thanks because: Nothing is worse than matching with a hottie in Santa Monica when you live in Los Feliz. Because we ALL know that just isn't going to work out, no matter how good the D is.

3. When there's an earthquake that doesn't knock any breakables over but just leaves you with a good story.


Give thanks because: It's practically free conversation material for you and your coworkers the next day, duh.

4. Going to the Grove and it's magically not crowded.

Give thanks because: Face it: It can be REALLY nice to go to The Grove. Just not on a weekend when there are like, a million people there.

5. When it goes below 65° and you're all like, "SWEATER WEATHER!!!"

Give thanks because: While everyone else in America is shoveling out of three feet of snow, you're putting on a parka because it dipped below 60°. And that's pretty damn awesome.

6. Leaving a Dodgers game at JUST the right time so you miss all the traffic.

Give thanks because: No one is judging you because they're too busy leaving too.

7. Keeping your cool during random celebrity spottings, but then bragging to your non-L.A. friends.

Give thanks because: You kept it totally real when you saw Sandra Bullock at Whole Foods, but then IMMEDIATELY texted your besties back home. #Blessed

8. Discovering that amazing shortcut from your house to your office.


Give thanks because: Missing all the traffic on Melrose? Don't mind if I do!

9. Hitting minimal traffic on the 405.

Give thanks because: This one is pretty self-explanatory.

10. Hitting the beach for the first time in months, even though it's RIGHT THERE.


Give thanks because: It's just nice knowing it's there.

11. The fact Disneyland is like, less than an hour away.

Give thanks because: It's pretty damn cool that the Happiest Place On Earth is like, in your backyard.

12. And Vegas is just a casual, albeit hungover, car ride away.

Warner Bros.

Give thanks because: What happens in Vegas doesn't follow you back to L.A., which allows for maximum shenanigans.

13. Discovering kale for the first time... and not getting judged for liking it.

Give thanks because: Wait, it's actually COOL to be healthy? Yeah, that's pretty awesome.

14. Leaving happy hour after one drink because you're "tired" and "have to drive home."


Give thanks because: Having a built-in excuse is AMAZING.

15. But also finding a great late-night dining spot for when you have the drunchies.

Give thanks because: After a few drinks, you need some drunk food... and in this town, it's HARD to find.

16. Not being judged for not caring about sports.

Give thanks because: But still wanting to go to Lakers games anyway, for people-watching, of course.

17. Taking the PERFECT Instagram on your "hike."

Give thanks because: In L.A., hiking means flaunting what you've got.

18. Successfully avoiding traffic when Obama is in town.

Give thanks because: Not everything is Obama's fault, but when he's in town, the traffic DEFINITELY is.

19. The only thing better than going to Coachella is staying in L.A. on a Coachella weekend.

Give thanks because: For once, the streets are empty of all the bad drivers.

20. Finding a parking sign that ACTUALLY makes sense.

Give thanks because: Really, this happens once in a blue moon.

21. Very importantly, going on a juice cleanse...

Give thanks because: You get to brag about how ~healthy~ you are to your friends AND actually feel better in the process.

22. ... just so you can get EVERYTHING Animal Style at In-N-Out.

Give thanks because: I want it all.

23. But most of all, not giving a fuck what the rest of the country thinks of L.A., because you're too busy sunning yourself to care.

Give thanks because: Sorry, we're not sorry.

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