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16 Savage Burns From "The Devil Wears Prada" That We're Still Recovering From

That's all.

1. When Miranda swiftly (and brutally) corrected Andy:

2. When Emily roasted Andy for her sartorial choices:

3. When Miranda just wanted her damn caffeine:

4. When Miranda used sarcasm to the fullest effect:

5. When Nigel smelled something funny:

6. Not an individual burn, but EVERYTHING about the "Miranda dropping her coat and bag on Andy's desk" montage:

View this video on YouTube / Via FOX

7. When Emily fought sickness in the most fashion-forward way possible:

8. When Miranda was just being Miranda:

9. And when she just wanted to get the hell out of Miami, hurricanes be damned:

10. When Emily gave a proper burn:

11. When Miranda was having NONE. OF. IT. from Andy:

12. When Miranda didn't even need to look Emily in the eye to deliver this burn:

13. When Andy finally delivered a burn of her own:

14. When Emily was BEFUDDLED at Andy's choices:

15. When Miranda needed everyone just to move faster:

16. And finally (OF COURSE WE DIDN'T FORGET IT), the time Miranda made sure we ALL knew what "cerulean" is: