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27 Pictures That Will Make Way Too Much Sense To College Students

*Attempts a group project, dies.*

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1. When you realize you'll be paying off your student loans from beyond the grave:

2. So this graduation cap hits a little too close to home:

3. When there's only one solution to bombing your test:

4. Cause of death? Group projects, probably:

5. When even a venti from Starbucks won't save you:

6. When the going gets rough after syllabus week:

7. When this magical moment happens:

8. Or when you realize right away you've got a "cool" professor and not a "regular" professor:

9. When studying just isn't going that well:

10. Or when studying IS going well, relatively speaking:

11. When you hear those magic words on the first day of class:

12. But then this happens on the first day of class, and you feel like you might die:

13. When your professor hits you hard in the wallet:

14. When you have to remind yourself that C's and D's get degrees:

15. When you lit'rally want to be doing anything besides studying for an exam:


17. So you probably just do this:

18. When it seems like walking to campus would actually be easier on your soul than driving:

19. When you've run out of fucks to give a little too early in the semester:

20. When you have THIS professor (everyone has at least one):

21. When your parents ask how school is going, and you're fishing for an appropriate answer:

22. When your professor pulls a fast one on you:

23. And you and your friends are just caught blindsided:

24. When you start an exam and realize you are royally screwed:

25. When this travesty happens:

26. When looking for a job after graduation feels like Mission: Impossible:

27. And finally, the difference between being a starry-eyed freshman and a DGAF senior:

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