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    OMG, You Need To See This Video Of Chris Hemsworth Working Out Shirtless

    Nothing but respect for the hottest Chris.

    Listen, I'm not here to pit hot, muscular men against one another but I *LOVE* to debate which superhero Chris is the hottest. Being needlessly judgmental, pointless online arguments, *AND* a bevy of men with more abs than I have dollars in my bank account? COUNT ME IN!!!


    You know the candidates by now: Chris Pratt (Star-Lord), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Evans (Captain America), and Chris Pine (Steve Trevor).

    Marvel/Marvel/Marvel/WB / Via

    Currently, I'm #TeamHemsworth. He's tall, he's an amazing husband and father, and most important of all, he's AUSTRALIAN.

    Anyway, I came across a video he posted this Friday as he prepares for his role in the Men In Black reboot. But this isn't any video โ€” it's a video of him working out SHIRTLESS. And I'd like to submit it as further evidence that he is the Hottest Chris of them all.


    You clicked the link so you know what you're about to see. But that doesn't mean you're READY. Go somewhere private, somewhere comfortable, because things are about to get very, VERY Hemsworth up in here. play and ENJOY.

    First he starts off with this shadowboxing move and honestly, you might find yourself googling, "Can I be blinded by looking at a hot Australian man's biceps for too long?"

    Chris Hemsworth / Instagram

    Then he does some more boxing moves, and you might start thinking to yourself, Chris Hemsworth's abs have more definition than my future.

    Chris Hemsworth / Instagram

    Then there's some of whatever this is.......and we're into it.

    Instagram / Chris Hemsworth

    And then finally, the video ends with Chris Hemsworth getting a piggyback ride in an abandoned field. Can you make a profession out of giving hot guys named Chris rides on your back? Asking for a friend.

    Chris Hemsworth / Instagram

    Anyway, Hemsworth is the hottest Chris for those ~in the know~. And that's that on THAT!


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