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Lady Gaga And Halsey Might Be Involved In A Messy Feud With The Chainsmokers

This is just gross.

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This isn't the first time one of the Chainsmokers has said something douchey in an interview.

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In that same interview, Pall seemed to question Rihanna's work ethic. And in an earlier interview with Billboard, Taggart claimed, "Only Justin Bieber and Drake can hold a candle to what we’ve done,” despite the fact that the pair has never released a full album.


Fast forward to today. Gaga dropped her second single from Joanne, titled "A-Yo," and directly acknowledged the Chainsmokers' negative response to "Perfect Illusion" in the process.

#AYO @TheChainsmokers maybe u guys'll like this 1 better ✌️️🚬🚬🚬🚬#NowPlaying Apple: Spotify:

The duo replied to Gaga from their joint account, seeming to make up for their previous slight.

Halsey (who, as you remember, collaborated on the Chainsmokers' biggest hit to date) also replied to Lady Gaga twice, praising her influence and calling her one of her "idols."

Lady Gaga is an icon and forever one of my greatest idols. I can't wait to see where her new era takes us. #JOANNE


Things seemed all well and good in the world of pop music. Then it appears Taggart tweeted something really gross at Halsey, saying "fuck you bald bitch" after she replied to Gaga. You can see it at the bottom of the screenshot.

i CANNOT believe drew just said that you MUST be kidding me. how does he dare say that and then delete his tweet in…

The tweet was quickly deleted, and Drew claimed it was fake at first...

@lilmonster2211 @purpleknees this is fake and makes me sad u guys would think I would say something like that. To anyone.

...but this clip seems to prove otherwise.

@drewtaggart @lilmonster2211 @purpleknees It's not fake. Here is a vid with proof of me actually pressing the link.…


Shortly afterward, Drew backtracked on his previous story and said his account was actually hacked.

Guys calm down my account was hacked. I would NEVER tweet anything like that to one of my friends.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it also looks like Halsey has unfollowed Taggart on Twitter.

Halsey unfollowed one of the members of The Chainsmokers after they called her a 'bald bitch'.


Some fan accounts purported that Taggart first tweeted derogatory comments at Halsey and then, as a result of the ensuing backlash, decided to tweet further obscenities to make it seem like he was actually hacked.

That Drew from The Chainsmokers is such a liar we deadass know HE was the one who tweeted it 💀

that drew guy from chainsmokers pretending to be hacked now