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    Calvin Harris' Ice Bucket Challenge Will Make Your Ovaries Explode

    We found love in a frozen place.

    First, some music to ~set the mood.~

    This is Calvin Harris. He's a part-time Scottish DJ, and a full-time stone-cold fox.

    It's readily apparent to anyone with two eyes that Calvin is a handsome fella.

    Eamon McCormack / Getty Images

    Sure, he cleans up nice. And his facial hair game is on point. And his green eyes will pierce your soul. But it wasn't clear how "talented" he was... until he recently undertook the Ice Bucket Challenge.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    So THIS is what a diet of haggis will do for you.

    Look at how toned those arms are from spinning so many records.

    *hums "We Found Love"*

    Here's the full video, with Calvin in his ice-cold glory:


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