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29 Very Real L.A. Problems

*Goes for hike, doesn't have cell reception, dies.*

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1. When you worry about your brownie order getting mixed up:

Thank god worried someone mixed up my vegan brownie order with a pot brownie order. #LAProblems

2. When there are five parking signs, but you STILL can't figure if you're going to get a ticket:

So can I park my ranfla here? πŸš—πŸš« #laparking #laproblems @ericgarcetti

3. When your day just doesn't start off right:

My breakfast burrito took too long and I missed my morning hike window. #laproblems

4. When Google Maps looks like this:

5. When you might be trying a little *TOO* hard to eat healthy:

If you're harassing a server about the # of calories in a drizzle of vegenaise on your tofu pancake, reexamine your life choices #LAproblems

6. When trying to recycle the L.A. way gets really, really expensive:

Used my $73 parking ticket as a notepad. thats one expensive notepad! @LAMayorsOffice #broke #cantaffordthis #poorforever #laproblems

7. When Mother Nature is just screwing with you:

Goddamn palm trees are blocking my view of the super moon lunar eclipse. #LAproblems

8. Just everything that has to do with the Valley in general:

When your friends end up wanting to go to the valley instead #LAproblems

9. When autumn is supposed to arrive, and this happens:

I wanna buy all the pumpkins but then I remember it's 90 degrees out and it feels NOTHING like fall #LAproblems

10. Like, it impacts your outfit choices:

Fall fashion excitement: πŸ“ˆ Followed by the realization you live in LA and can't wear any of it for another two months: πŸ“‰ #LAproblems

11. Seriously, WTF L.A.?!

I heard today's the 1st day of #fall. What is that? #LAproblems

12. When your Target run doesn't have a happy ending:

Familiar scene on the fan isle of LA Targets this week... #LAproblems #humidity

13. When the 405 decides to mess with your bladder:

There should be a "I'm pregnant and have to pee" lane on the 405 πŸ˜‘ #laproblems

14. When you really just wish you could tune out of life:

Forced to listen to yoga teachers bitch about other yoga teachers at the table next to me #zennotzen #laproblems

15. When decorating your desk isn't as easy as it sounds:

I don't know how to place healing crystals on my desk without it looking like a poorly curated rock collection. #LAProblems

16. When you're doing your best to single-handedly destroy the planet, but still feel bad about it:

1 time of 100 I forget to bring reusable bag to #WholeFoods I feel single-handedly responsible for global warming. #LAproblems #bagshaming

17. When you feel discriminated against for your froyo addiction:

HEY, CAN'T YOU READ THE SIGN? #onlyinLA would this even be necessary #dessert #discrimination #noyogurt #LAproblems

18. The fact there's never TOO MUCH time to give yourself to get to and from LAX:

when it takes longer to get home from the airport than the actual flight because traffic #LAproblems

19. Also, everything involving Fairfax Ave.:

Why's it take 30 mins just to go down fairfax? #laproblems

20. When the entire city loses their gosh darn collective minds when it β˜”οΈ:

After seeing the way LA reacts to a light drizzle, I'm pretty sure a #Tsunami would mean the end of the world. #LAProblems #Earthquake

21. When you aren't getting that πŸ”₯ MPG:

I'm pretty sure at least a quarter of my tank of gas is used solely on driving around looking for parking. #LAproblems

22. The omnipresent police helicopters:

me when the helicopters are flying over my house #LAproblems

23. When you go hiking and try to post a selfie, but Verizon lets you down:

The data up this mountain is TERRIBLE. #laproblems

24. Trying to find someone to date in your neighborhood:

Somehow, I can justify crushes 3,000 miles away but I've broken things off with guys because they live on the West Side. #LAProblems

25. When you're trying your best in this fricking drought:

Should I call LAPD if my neighbor is drenching his yard at 1:30 in 93 degree heat?? #LAProblems #criminal #stupidpeople

26. When you're always, without fail, tardy to the party:

Does one in LA just accept the fact that they're going to be late everywhere, no matter how early they leave? #LAproblems

27. When you try to make street sweeping work in your favor:

The best feeling is pulling up to park on a normally crowded street rightttt after street sweeping ends. #LAproblems

28. When celebrity encounters are just not all they're made out to be:

Don't use your lunch break to run in 100 degree heat. You might end up barfing outside of Dax Shepard's house. #laproblems

29. And the most L.A. problem of all. When a police chase interrupts your dinner at In-N-Out:

Police chase turns into a standoff at the front door to In-n-Out. Amazing. Doesn't get more LA than that. #LAProblems

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