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17 Barefoot Contessa Jokes That Were Made With "Good" Vanilla

How easy was that?

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1. When you realize Ina might be living in an alternate reality:

Ina Garten said "there's nothing worse than lumpy polenta" on Barefoot Contessa. She clearly lives on Earth 2 where Hillary Clinton won.

2. When this truth hits you in the head like some GOOD vanilla:

There are two Americas: Guy's Grocery Games America and Barefoot Contessa America.

3. When she's bougie AF, and then still manages to top herself:

I’ve thought about this line in an Ina Garten recipe everyday since I cooked it 2 weeks ago why is she like this

4. And when you try a little too hard to be like Ina:

"And if you don't have freshly grated Parmesan, 3 month old string cheese is fine." -me being the Barefoot Contessa I need and deserve

5. When Queen Ina is very, very relatable:

when y'all subtweet and I have to search for the full story

6. When Barefoot Contessa is one of the simple pleasures in life:

Just said "Oh my god" out loud when I discovered a previously unwatched cache of Barefoot Contessa episodes on YouTube

7. When you realize Ina has been the way she is for a very long time:

ina garten's white fur sleeve wedding dress is a mood

8. When you're cooking up new Food Network show formats:

Starting a competitive version of Barefoot Contessa called 'Savage Garten'

9. When it's not just you who's obsessed, it's your friends, too:

text, email, call? pfft, real friendships are carried out in the comments section of the barefoot contessa's Instagram posts

10. When things get a little too real:

Is Mike Pence allowed to eat dinner alone with the Barefoot Contessa

11. When you're waiting for Sassy Ina Garten to emerge:

@TheGingerMinj “If you can’t make your own chicken stock, just consider your self trash” - the barefoot contessa

12. When you come up with your own topical episode titles:

BAREFOOT CONTESSA S23E09 "Reclaiming My Thyme"

13. When one of the episode titles describes you to a "T":

Tag yourself I'm "Barefoot Contessa Season 7 Episode 10 Tale Of Two Soups"

14. When you first start stanning Ina:

i just learned that barefoot contessa is not her actual name im so disappointed

15. When you get a little too obsessed with Ina and Jeffrey's relationship:

Bae: What are you thinking about? Me: You :) Me in my head: Do Ina Gartin and Jeffrey have a fulfilling sex life


Me in my head: does he call her the barefoot contessa in the bedroom. Does she call him the Barefoot Count

17. And finally, when you realize that Ina is our one true QUEEN:

Ina Stormborn of House Garten, 1st of her name, Barefoot CONTESSA, kween, Khaleesi of the HAMPTONS, breaker of basics, Mother of peasants

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