Someone Swapped Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson's Hair And I'm Screaming

    "Honestly? Not too f*ckin shabby."

    Listen, this is BuzzFeed, so you know the drill: When we're not writing about a bunch of cute cat photos or making a quiz that will tell you when you'll die based on how many slices of bread you had today, we LOVE talking about 2018's It Couple, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson.

    The two of them are EXTRA AS HELL together (especially on social media), and I, for one, am so here for it. And I know I'm not alone!

    But today, Ariana shared a picture of the couple that is so visually jarring, it had me gay gasping so hard I almost cramped up and dropped my phone. Thankfully, I have excellent reflexes and Apple Care.

    Before I share it with you, a warning: EVEN THOUGH YOU READ THE HEADLINE AND CLICKED, YOU CAN NEVER UNSEE THIS IMAGE. It will stay ingrained in your mind TO THE GRAVE.

    WITHOUT FURTHER ADO: Pete with Ariana's ponytail, and Ariana with Pete's bleached 'do.

    I'm also low-key dying at Ariana's caption when she shared the picture herself: "honestly ? not too fuckin shabby." YOU GO OFF, SIS!

    FYI, the image seems to have originated from Instagram account @adam.the.creator.

    Anyway, enjoy loves! And back to our regularly scheduled programming of cat pictures and quizzes.