Ariana Grande Is The Queen Of Squinting But Like Low-Key She Might Need Glasses: An Investigation

    "I'm so into you, I can barely see..."

    You know Ariana Grande — reformed donut-licker, ponytail aficionado, definitely has the range.

    I've been watching a lot of clips of Ariana recently, firstly because I'm a gay man and secondly because she's promoting her new album Sweetener*. After watching a multitude of clips of the pint-sized pop star, I've come to a startling realization: Ariana can't see that well and honestly I'm worried about her!

    I noticed it last night during the VMAs, when the audience cam caught her SEVERAL times squinting hard to get a better view of the stage. was a thing, and TBH more exciting that most of what went down last night.

    But this has been going on for a WHILE. Basically every time Ariana goes on Jimmy Fallon's show and plays one of his impersonation games, she has to squint hard to see who she's singing as.

    Sometimes it's so bad she has to RUN up to the teleprompter, and even then she has to squint hard.

    And fans have picked up on it!

    Ariana Grande is always squinting. Girl get yourself some glasses!

    Like, we love the Queen of Squinting...

    @ArianaGrande is always squinting at everything. She needs some glasses or at least some contact lenses

    ...but also maybe for her safety she should consider a pair of glasses, or maybe some contacts?

    can someone tell @ArianaGrande to get her eyes checked and wear contacts pls cause she’s squinting at everything always

    The good thing is, Ariana seems to be in on the whole thing. When she released an emoji line last year, she included one of her squinting like she did on The Tonight Show...

    ...and the year before, she went on a long explainer on Snapchat that she really cannot see, and she should be wearing her glasses more.

    View this video on YouTube

    Like, her vision is definitely not great (she shows us her glasses) and she knows her squinting is A Thing.

    In the video she says fans better get used to her with glasses, but that was two years ago. We've seen several variations of her ponytail, but glasses have yet to be a part of her signature look. WHAT GIVES?!

    Anyway Ariana, we *LOVE* our squinting queen, but also maybe have your eyes checked? We'd love you just as much with glasses!