26 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When Basic People Use Them

Spoiler Alert: We’re all a little bit basic.

1. “Fro-yo”

CBS / Via bsideblog.com

What it normally means: A frozen dessert that can be topped with a variety of sweet treats.
Basic definition: A way of life.

2. “Literally”

Bravo / Via stylecaster.com

What it normally means: Exactly, precisely.
Basic definition: If you say something “literally” just happened, it probably didn’t.

3. “Rap music”

What it normally means: A form of popular music with spoken or chanted lyrics with a rhythmic accompaniment.
Basic definition: Drake, Nicki Minaj, and sometimes Eminem.

4. “Reality TV”

What it normally means: A format of television where “real” people are filmed continuously for entertainment.
Basic definition: ANY of the Real Housewives shows. Also, The Bachelor and Bachelorette.

5. “Coffee”

IHeartGodney / Via hotnewsgator.com

What it normally means: A caffeinated beverage that can be consumed hot or cold, with a variety of methods of preparation.
Basic definition: Iced coffee with skim milk in the summer, PSL (pumpkin spice latte) in the fall, peppermint mocha in the winter. ALWAYS FROM STARBUCKS.

6. “The Gym”

What it normally means: A place where you can work on your fitness, get in shape, and get hotter AND healthier!
Basic definition: 30 to 45 minutes on the elliptical, POSSIBLY the treadmill.

7. “The Bible”

Hearst Corp. / Via dumbstitch.wordpress.com

What it normally means: A collection of sacred texts considered holy in Judaism and Christianity.
Basic definition: Cosmo.

8. “Taking A Picture”

What it normally means: Um, pretty self-explanatory.
Basic definition: Taking a picture is all about the pose. If it’s a selfie, you need to pucker your lips, maybe hold up a peace sign, and pick the best Instagram filter (Hint: It probably is NOT Toaster). If it’s a group shot, you either need to sorority squat or skinny arm like your life depends on it.

9. “Dancing”

Drake Vevo / Via collegecandy.com

What it normally means: Moving the body and/or limbs in a rhythmic manner, often to the beat of music.
Basic definition: Holding your hands in the air and swaying with your friends.

10. “Books”

Warner Books / Via manionista91.blogspot.com

What it normally means: A written, printed work that can be read for entertainment or education.
Basic definition: The latest Nicholas Sparks novel.

11. “Cocktails”

HBO / Via irunforwine.net

What it normally means: An alcoholic beverage consisting of spirits and mixed ingredients.
Basic definition: Cranberry-vodka, maybe a cosmo if you’re having a “classy” evening.

12. “I can’t even”

Tyler Oakley Youtube / Via s647.photobucket.com

What it normally means: You are unable to do something.
Basic definition: You definitely ARE able to do something. Sometimes, you “literally” can’t even.

13. “Dessert”

What it normally means: A sweet confection, sometimes baked, and usually the last course of a meal.
Basic definition: Cupcakes or cake pops. Also, you ALWAYS take a picture of your dessert and upload it to Instagram.

14. “Pinterest”

What it normally means: A website and app that allows you to discover and share inspiration for creative projects and interests.
Basic definition: The Gospel, but most important, a way to secretly plan your fantasy wedding.

15. “Music”

What it normally means: A combination of vocal and/or instrumental sound in an arranged manner that is a form of creative and emotive expression.
Basic definition: Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran, for starters. Lorde is considered “new” and “edgy.”

16. “Wine”

What it normally means: An alcoholic beverage made from fermented grape juice.
Basic definition: Barefoot Chardonnay, NO EXCEPTIONS.

17. “Fashion”

NBC Universal / Via tentativedecisive.tumblr.com

What it normally means: A form of self-expression and creativity through the clothing and accessories you wear.
Basic definition: North Face jacket, Patagonia fleece, Ugg boots, Nike sneakers.

18. “Diet Coke”

What it normally means: A caffeinated, calorie-free soda beverage.
Basic definition: Nectar from the gods. And HEAVEN FORBID you should ever be served a Diet Pepsi.

19. “Television”

What it normally means: A form of entertainment that is broadcast for entertainment purposes.
Basic definition: Scandal and Sex And The City reruns.

20. “Drunk”

Universal Studios / Via reactiongifs.com

What it normally means: The state of being affected by alcohol consumption to losing control of one’s behavior.
Basic definition: After one drink, taking copious amounts of selfies, dancing on tables, and telling people how much you love them. Also, making confessions to random strangers in the bathroom.

21. “Instagram”

What it normally means: A social media app that allows you to upload pictures and videos with a filter.
Basic definition: There are four types of Instagram pictures: food/drink pictures, duck-face selfies, group shots with friends, and last but not least, screenshotted inspirational quotes.

22. “Water”

Paramount Pictures / Via thatonegaywinchester.tumblr.com

What it normally means: H20, the natural stuff that keeps you hydrated.
Basic definition: Always bottled, usually Smartwater, Evian, or Fiji.

23. “Halloween”

Paramount Pictures / Via httpcolonslashslash.tumblr.com

What it normally means: A holiday on Oct. 31 where you can dress up in a costume, eat lots of candy, and go trick-or-treating.
Basic definition: We all saw Mean Girls. We know how it works.

24. “Sorry I’m not sorry”

Kanye West Vevo / Via reaction-gifs.tumblr.com

What it normally means: Um, no one normal actually says this. But it sounds like an apology, right?
Basic definition: You’re definitely not sorry, but granting the social courtesy that you * might * be.

25. “Celebrities”

MTV / Via eonline.com

What it normally means: A famous person.
Basic definition: Jennifer Lawrence (because she is SO relatable), One Direction, Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Kate Middleton, Taylor Swift, and whoever Taylor Swift is dating at the moment.

26. “Basic”

Katy Perry Vevo / Via popcrush.com

What it normally means: Fundamental or simple, but sometimes used in a derogatory way.
Basic definition: A lifestyle, and you better damn well believe you ROCK your basicness.

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