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    24 Pros And Cons Of Being A Swimmer

    Chlorine, speedos, tan lines — swimming isn't all fun and games. Actually, it isn't a game at all.

    1. Pro: Sharks & Minnows

    2. Con: Test Sets

    3. Pro: You Have the Appetite of a Whale

    4. Con: Morning Practice

    5. Pro: Ryan Lochte for the ladies (and some guys)

    6. Pro: Amanda Beard for the guys (and some ladies)

    7. Con: The Permanent Smell of Chlorine

    8. Pro (or maybe Con?): Swimcest

    9. Con: Swimmer's hair

    10. Pro: Having a bangin' body


    11. Con: Weird tan lines

    12. Con: Hairy legs for the girls

    13. Con: And shaving your legs (and everything else) for the guys

    14. Pro: Bonding with your teammates

    15. Con: Warming up for a big meet

    16. Pro: Pretending you're a mermaid

    17. Con: When you first jump in the water at practice

    18. Pro: That feeling when you get a best time

    19. Con: Crazy coaches yelling at you

    20. Pro: Knowing what's going on during the Olympics

    21. Con: No one else thinks swimming is a sport

    22. Pro: Nathan Adrian's smile

    23. Con: Trying to "do" land sports

    24. Pro: That indescribable feeling of being in the water only swimmers love. Just keep swimming!