24 Cats Who Are Celebrating Shark Week

    It's a bad week to be a seal, but a great week to be a cat who loves sharks.

    1. This feline who just woke up from a catnap in his shark bed.

    2. This cat in the (shark) hat.

    3. This kitty who made a new shark friend.

    4. Mr. Grumpygills.

    5. The cat who is too curious for his own good.

    6. This cat who has a fin instead of fur.

    7. This cat who is also riding a Roomba.

    8. This cat with the fin-tastic costume.

    9. This "pool shark."

    10. This cat who is a human being eaten by a shark.

    11. This cat who is already over Shark Week.

    12. This ginger cat with the flamboyant shark costume.

    13. Katy Perry's cat, Kitty Purry.

    14. Giganto-Cat with Mini-Shark.

    15. This cat who is having NONE of this shark.

    16. This shark-cat channeling his inner Zoolander.

    17. This cat who is NOT getting off this shark.

    18. This cat who is smizing in his shark outfit.

    19. This cat who picked the wrong place to nap.

    20. This little kitty who struts like a shark.

    21. These two cats who are exhausted from Shark Week.

    22. This feline who looks FIERCE in his shark costume.

    23. Pensive shark-cat.

    24. These model shark-cats.