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19 Hilarious NSFW Tweets That Will Leave You Laughing But Also Clutching Your Pearls

The internet is wild.

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me w a boyfriend vs. me without

2. These are not family-friendly tweets!

she succ me *pulls petal off a rose* she succ me not

3. They're NSFW:

why my cinnamon role look like ET bus a nut

4. Or to be more accurate, NSFL (not safe for life):

When you suckin his dick n he whisper fuck


5. That doesn't mean they aren't funny!

This entire shelf of own-brand cereals sounds like an old English army Major, trying to find a euphemism for gay me…

6. That doesn't mean they aren't true!

damn no wonder jimmy neutron was best friends with carl he got that WAGON boi

8. See what I mean?

When he first slide in and I hear him curse


9. So wrong...

10. ...yet so right:

Hey there Delilah whats it like in New York City I'm a thousand miles away but girl snapchat me them titties 😩

11. There...are no words:

when you won't eat meat on Fridays during Lent but you'll still suck dick

12. Crazy, yet true:

Snow storms should be named after men because too often they oversell you on the inches they'll deliver.


13. The internet is WILD, y'all:

you vs the aardvark who is fucking everyone you know

14. Did Al Gore have this in mind when he invented it?

15. What in tarnation...

16. *Rinses eyes with holy water*:

When you watching porn and you feel yourself about to nut to the wrong part of the video


17. *Clears browser history*:

when u nut but the government keeps conspiring

18. *Screams into the abyss*:

Richard Nixon campaign badges. Such innocent times.

19. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming:

bitch this is fucking anne hathaway