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19 Things All Runners Would Never Say

Lace up those sneakers and race through this post!

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1. "I don't have enough time to run today."

You would MAKE time to run, TBH.

2. "I prefer to run on a treadmill."

Warner Brothers

Get out of here. The gym, that is.

3. "Running is soooooo boring."


Get your best playlist, pick your favorite route, and you'll be jamming out like a rockstar — and a fast one at that!

4. "It's too cold/wet/hot outside to run today."

5. "I'm not a morning person."

What, like you were gonna sleep in?

6. "It doesn't bother me when someone in front of me is running slow..."



7. "... or if there is a pedestrian in my way."

8. "I don't sweat a lot."

Well, technically, you glisten.

9. "I've never gotten a blister."

How have your toes not fallen off yet?

10. "I can run in pretty much any pair of sneakers."

They're your secret weapon, so you choose accordingly. I'm a Nike guy.

11. "Running isn't a contact sport."


OK, so you're not tackling anyone. But you've earned your share of bumps, scrapes, and bruises along the way.

12. "Cramping doesn't bother me that much."


You can try and run through it... BUT IT HURTS SO DAMN MUCH.

13. "I have great feet..."

Yeah, you're gonna want to avoid flip-flops.

14. "... and no tan lines to speak of."


15. "I've never had to go to the bathroom while on a run."

You've become pretty damn good at holding it in, though.

16. "I'm not hungry."


You actually want ALL the foods.

17. "I'd rather work out in a gym."

And miss out on the sunshine and fresh air? Not a chance.

18. "I'm not competitive."

Remember, you're a runner, not a jogger.

19. "I hate running."

Baby, you were born to run!

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