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18 Things Americans Studying Abroad In Europe Say, And What They Really Mean

Because, when in Rome...

1. Student: "I'm studying abroad."

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What they really mean: "I'm headed to Europe for a semester of eating, drinking, traveling, and general debauchery."

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2. Student: "I can't wait to visit all the amazing museums and see the historic art!"

What they really mean: "I really want to take a selfie with the Mona Lisa."

3. Student: "I'm really excited to be living in a country with a different worldview than my own."

What they really mean: "I'm stoked to be somewhere where the drinking age isn't 21."

4. Student: "I really want to travel to London and see the sights, like Big Ben and the Tower of London."

What they really mean: "All I want is a picture at Platform 9 3/4, and I'll be happy."

Flickr: dunce002917 / Creative Commons

5. Student: "Amazing museums, centuries-old churches, incredible architecture — I can't wait to see it all!"

What they really mean: "Bring on the European nightclubs!"

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6. Student: "I'm really excited to try authentic, gourmet European cuisine!"

What they really mean: "I'm praying my body will be able to digest the sheer amount of carbs I will be consuming via pasta."

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7. Student: "I'm so excited to take some pictures of all the amazing destinations I will visit!"

NBC Universal / Via

What they really mean: "I will Instagram literally every moment of my time in Europe."

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8. Student: "By the time I get back, I hope to be fluent in a second language."

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What they really mean: "God bless Google Translate."

Kesha Vevo / Via

9. Student: "I'm going to take a wine-tasting class and be a connoisseur by the end of the semester."

What they really mean: "Just a euro for a whole liter of boxed wine? I don't care what it tastes like, I'm in!"

10. Student: "I'll be traveling to Italy for spring break. Ciao!"

Columbia Pictures

What they really mean: "I'll be exclusively eating pizza and gelato for a week and no one can stop me."

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11. Student: "I'm so excited to travel to Germany for Oktoberfest."

Flickr: 87106931@N00 / Creative Commons

What they really mean: "I'll be blacking out the entire weekend and surviving on a diet of beer and pretzels."

WingNut Films / Via

12. Student: "I'm really looking to interact with locals and get to know the country better."

The Disney Channel / Via

What they really mean: "I'm looking to hook up with as many Europeans as possible."

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13. Student: "I can't wait to shop and develop some real European style."

What they really mean: "Where's the nearest H & M?"

H & M

14. Student: "Maybe I'll try absinthe!"

20th Century Fox / Via

What they really mean: "I have a death wish."

Bravo / Via

15. Student: "I can't wait to go to a real soccer match. Or should I say, football!"

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

What they really mean: "Soccer's just like basketball, but with your legs, right?"

Fox / Via

16. Student: "I can't wait to share all of my abroad experiences with friends back home."

The Disney Channel / Via

What they actually mean: "When I get back home I will drive my friends insane because I will not stop talking about my time abroad."

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17. Student: "Europe is so different than America!"

Flickr: drnantu / Creative Commons

What they really mean: "I miss peanut butter, I hate how public transportation always is on strike, and the exchange rate sucks."

ITV / PBS / Via

18. Student: "I miss America."

Marvel Studios / Via

What they really mean: "This has been the most exhausting, incredible experience and I know the moment I hit American soil I will miss Europe like crazy."

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