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    Posted on 30 Dec 2015

    Definitive Proof That New Year's Eve In Sydney Is Quite Something

    Because it's not all harbour-side BBQs and fireworks.

    1. Tents. Tents. Tents.

    Rain, hail or shine - staking out the perfect family NYE spot is a competitive sport.

    2. The police presence.

    Be prepared to guzzle your goon and empty your bags, as the men and women in blue are out in full force.

    3. The tourist fashion.

    Nothing screams "I'm from Switzerland!" quite like a Ken Done polo, bum-bag, novelty glasses and sunburn.

    4. The public transport.

    Unless you camped out (or live near the water, ha!) chances are you'll spend a fair portion of your evening staring at something like this...

    5. The portaloos.

    Because people gotta shit.

    6. The toilet bowl.

    Everyone has the occasional crappy spew year.

    7. The abandoned house party.

    When everyone bails from the house party at 11.45pm for fireworks but... you... just... can't... muster... the... strength.

    8. The back-of-head.

    When you spend all day reserving the perfect vantage point, only to have your Sydney Harbour dreams crushed by a squealing 5-year-old girl.

    9. Your iPhone screen.

    Even if you're lucky enough to be standing in front of the Opera House, you'll probably end up watching the fireworks display on a screen.

    10. Or the telly.

    If you've learned anything from your previous Sydney NYE experiences, there's a good chance you'll be enjoying the best view of all this year. No bar lines, no CityRail - just a cheap glass of shiraz from the warmth of your lounge.

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