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How To Play Guitar, By David Brent

Gervais revives Slough's favourite son for a YouTube series.

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After successfully resurrecting his most famous character for Comic Relief, Ricky Gervais is set to release a new mini series featuring David Brent.

Inspired by the popularity of the series one episode of The Office in which Brent hijacks a training day by playing songs to his staff, Learn Guitar with David Brent will feature more of his original compositions and life wisdom.

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The move comes months after Gervais brought Brent back following a ten year break to record this spoof music video for Comic Relief earlier in the year and enjoyed himself so much, it convinced him to grow back the goatee and dig out the nylon suit for another run.

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The comic's many critics will claim reviving Brent is a tacit admission he's failed to scale the creative heights reached inside Wernham–Hogg paper merchants, but it's worth noting there has always been a frustrated pop star lurking inside Gervais.

In the early 80s he released two singles in the pop group Seona Dancing, including "Bitter Heart" (above). Neither attempt would break into the top 40 and the band flopped, meaning Gervais had to wait another 20 years for his next shot at fame. Thankfully, that went rather more successfully.