Inevitably, The Geordie Who Punched A Horse In The Face Has Become A Meme

‘Wor Horse’ attacker meets his internet fate.

After losing a football match against their local rivals, a small number of Newcastle fans began rioting in the streets. Including this man, who punched a horse.

Who came off better in this ugly battle between man and beast?

WY Police Horses


All our horses and officers on way back from Newcastle safe and well. No injuries to either #policehorses

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‘Wor Horse’ - real name Bud - is safe and well back in his paddock.

WY Police Horses


The press have arrived at Carr Gate to see Bud. 👮🐴

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He’s become a little famous, in fact.

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Yup, Bud is looking good. But what about his attacker? Well, not only did he lose the fight…

…the internet is laughing at him, too.

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