17 Absolutely Brutal Pranks To Play On Your Friends

    Because life's too short not to be an utter bastard to your loved one.

    1. This guy who hid in the fridge.

    2. The girlfriend who poured Tabasco into her sleeping boyfriend's mouth...

    Then gave him some vodka to douse the flames...

    ...Before watching him run into the toilet to drink from the tap.

    3. The friend who knew what to do with the talcum powder.

    4. Those who dare to scare.

    5. Using whatever means possible.

    6. Even if it sometimes backfires.

    7. Shout out to the joker who found the cling film.

    8. Kudos to this boyfriend who pretended to cut a chunk out of his girlfriend's hair.

    Then held his nerve until she realised it was a hair extension.

    9. Most of all, let's celebrate the prankster who understands that a sleeping friend...

    10. ...Is a sitting duck.

    11. Whether it's putting a fake man in their bed.

    12. Or dressing up as a chainsaw wielding maniac to terrify your kids.

    13. Because from age old classics like spiking someone's drink with laxative.

    14. Poisoning them with spicy food.

    15. Or sticking their telephone together.

    16. To more inventive work-based tomfoolery.

    17. Causing others pain, shock or fear just for fun is one of our duties as human beings.