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    Artist Uses Flowers To Tackle Homophobic Abuse

    Paul Harfleet's pansies are a small but powerful protest. And now people are joining in all around the world.

    The 37 year old from Kingston began his 'guerrilla gardening' project in Manchester in 2005, planting pansies at local spots where he or his friends had suffered homophobic abuse.

    The simple idea grew to mark both scenes of 'every day' homophobia and to commemorate high profile victims of extreme violence, such as David Morley, who was beaten to death in London in 2004.

    Since he began posting his pictures online, Harfleet has inspired others to follows suit, with pansies appearing in Berlin, New York, Turkey and Austria, usually captioned with the details of the abuse and the victim's name. Harfleet plans to add 100 more to London this spring, in what is now known as The Pansy Project.