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    17 Types Of People You See On "Jeremy Kyle"

    Jezza: bringing you the best of Britain, week in, week out.

    1. This sex God.

    2. This bloke who has nothing left to prove.

    3. This guy.

    4. This person facing an impossible decision.

    5. This man with the worst excuse in the world.

    6. This guy who rose to the challenge.

    7. This family who've gone down the wrong road.

    8. This guy with a lot of explaining to do.

    9. Amanda.

    10. This woman trying to find an answer to one of life's eternal big questions.

    11. This champ who believes in an eye for an eye.

    12. Fingernail guy.

    13. This guy with a face on his tattoos.

    14. This person.

    15. This guy with a flimsy grasp of biology.

    16. This woman who has quite a legitimate grievance, to be fair.

    17. And of course, Jezza himself.