15 Reasons Chess Is Actually The Coolest Game Ever

    1500 years old and still going strong.

    So you probably think chess is old and boring, right.

    Something best left in the dark old days before Playstation and Angry Birds?

    Buncha people looking frickin' miserable crouched over a board for christsake!

    Not sexy. Not sexy at all.

    But wait!

    Chess is fun and sexy and cool - just like these guys! And here is why...

    1. People have been playing it for 1500 years.

    2. "Boring?" Pah!

    3. It's the ultimate competition.

    4. You don't have to play it sat at a table.

    5. And who said chess players don't have a sense of humour?

    6. Chess helps "build a better society".

    7. Judit Polgár.

    8. Age is no barrier to success.

    9. Now let's talk about the kit. There are some seriously cool chess sets out there.

    And some very posh ones.

    10. But if you don't own a set, you can make your own using just about anything.




    Stones n' shit...

    11. And even when you're not playing chess, the pieces can still be great fun.

    Even if not everyone is sure what they look like.

    12. Still not convinced chess is cool? Heath Ledger loved it.

    13. Dre digs it too.

    14. Bob loves a game.

    15. But let's give the final word to Benjamin Franklin.

    So what are you waiting for? Grab a board!

    And get playing the coolest game in the entire world.