10 Premier League Wonder Goals: A Gif Celebration

Acts of footballing genius, from the ’90s to the present day.

1. Phillipe Albert’s chip.

Newcastle United vs Manchester United (1997).

2. Crouching Peter, hidden strike!

Stoke City vs Manchester City (2012).

3. Rooney bicycle kick.

Manchester United vs Manchester City (2011).

4. Cisse’s bender.

Newcastle United vs Chelsea (2012).

5. Dalian Atkinson’s dribble.

Aston Villa vs Wimbledon (1992-93).

6. Taking Le Tiss.

Southampton vs Newcastle (1993-94).

7. Beckham scores from his own half.

Wimbledon vs Manchester United (1996-97).

8. Shearer screamer.

Newcastle United vs Everton (2002-03).

9. Bergkamp’s flick.

Arsenal vs Newcastle United (2002).

10. Hamann’s hammerblow.

Liverpool vs Portsmouth (2003/04).

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