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    The Insane @Sweden Racist Twitter Rant

    Sweden: Your biggest fear has happened. Only a day after the NY Times posted an article about the fear of humiliation on the nation's Twitter account, Sonja -- the current curator -- decided it would be a great open forum for her to discuss "The Jews" and even include Nazi references.

    In a video she posted on YouTube she discussed the "Hej Hej" tattoo she has on her neck that looks like an SS. "People think it's a mistake, what do you think?"

    She also says that she "wants to change her name to Hitler in order to clean up the name and help spread a positive message. No more mustache, gassing of Jews, experiments on mentally ill and homosexuals, putting human hairs in pillows, or invading Belgium." Then she talks about Belgium: "The new Hitler doesn't want to invade Hitler."

    After looking at her blog it seems like she is trying to be controversial and funny which isn't working for her at all.

    Could Sweden have prevented this? Do they need to review their selection process for picking their Twitter spokesperson?