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The 24 Weirdest Sleeping Positions For Dogs

Ever see your dog sleeping totally awkwardly and think it's random? After seeing this you'll realize it is probably quite normal.

1. The Rock Star

When you have bigger dreams than lying around the house all day.

2. The Bite

Sleep like this to show all the neighborhood canines your pretty pearly whites.

The Bite is not limited to chairs and can also be used on conjunction with other objects like doors

3. The Crack

While dangerous this may be one of the most comfortable positions on this list. Just be sure your owner didn't eat Chipotle for lunch that day.

4. The Crack (Dog Edition)

Like above, but for friends only.

5. The Hands Up

This is pretty self-explanatory.

WARNING: You may wake up more tired than before you fell asleep.

6. The Twisteroo

Only attempt this if you have had years of yoga training.

7. The BFF's

The BFF's can only be achieved after a long day of playing in the park.

8. All Stretched Out

To do this properly you need a large pillow and a nice, flat surface. This comes highly recommended by your chiropractor.

9. The 90 Degree Angle

Any geometry geeks? This is for you.

10. The Co-Sleep

Inspired by humans.

11. The Dog Pile

This is only for the bestest of friends.

12. The Backseat

For long road trips, grab a bunch of blankets and pillows and bury yourself in them. Alternate between this and sticking your head out the window.

13. The Loyalist

This position is for only true best friends who would rather do nothing all day than to wait for their owner to come home.

14. The Upright Derp

This takes an extra level of derp to achieve as you have to be comfortable with passing out in a humanlike position.

15. The Bridge

Inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge, this is a lazy dogs version of the Suspension Bridge Below. Although one may argue it is more comfortable.

16. The Suspension Bridge

Inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge with no support inbetween. It should only be done for a dog with the hardest of heads.

17. The Cuddle Buddies

Step 1: Be incredibly cute.

Step 2: Find incredibly cute complimentary colored stuffed animal.

Step 3: Cuddle.

18. The Torpedo

Ready for blast-off, sir!

19. The Downward Facing Dog

This is particularly helpful if you have another pet that needs help getting on/off the couch. Beware the sudden rush of blood to your head.

20. The Basket-o-dog

Some may argue that this concept was stolen from the cats, but ask any dog and they will tell you they came up with it first.

21. The Ghost

For when total isolation is the only way you can get a good nights sleep.

22. The Crunch

For six pack abs this is the best way to maximize your abdominals while resting.

23. The Bacon Lover

The next closest thing to this is having an IV drip of bacon right into your blood system. If you love bacon and need it while you sleep this is the position for you.

24. The Tuck

Classic and comfortable.