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The 24 Weirdest Sleeping Positions For Dogs

Ever see your dog sleeping totally awkwardly and think it's random? After seeing this you'll realize it is probably quite normal.

1. The Rock Star

2. The Bite

The Bite is not limited to chairs and can also be used on conjunction with other objects like doors

3. The Crack

4. The Crack (Dog Edition)

5. The Hands Up

6. The Twisteroo

7. The BFF's

8. All Stretched Out

9. The 90 Degree Angle

10. The Co-Sleep

11. The Dog Pile

12. The Backseat

13. The Loyalist

14. The Upright Derp

15. The Bridge

16. The Suspension Bridge

17. The Cuddle Buddies

18. The Torpedo

19. The Downward Facing Dog

20. The Basket-o-dog

21. The Ghost

22. The Crunch

23. The Bacon Lover

24. The Tuck