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94 Things I Learned After Spending 10 Days In London

It has been almost 20 years since I was last in London. This is what I learned.

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15. It's impossible not to say "it's not me" when you pass this chain restaurant.

18. The British are overly apologetic about everything, even their construction!

BuzzFeed / Samir Mezrahi

You don't have to apologize for building things. You guys are too sweet.

23. Everything is literal in London. The subway is called the "underground." "Subways" there are actually underground paths that lead you from one side of the street to the other.

BuzzFeed / Samir

Note: I will continue to refer to the "Underground" as the "subway" for the rest of this post!

24. The subways were extremely far underground too! At least three to four stories down? Maybe more.

BuzzFeed / Samir Mezrahi

(Also, am I going down or up in this photo? ~You'll never know.~)

26. Some of their items have sexier names. Like instead of referring to milk options as "low-fat" they call them less skim, which doesn't make you feel as bad for choosing it.

27. "Pulp", which makes it sound more like wood residue, is called "bits." And to make it sound even better they call it Juicy Bits. Who wouldn't want to try that out?

34. Slipping on a wet floor is MUCH more fun in London.

This guy is having more fun than I've ever had in my entire life combined

samir mezrahi@samir

This guy is having more fun than I've ever had in my entire life combined

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37. Abbey Road, where the Beatles took that famous album cover, is EXTREMELY dangerous! This is a normal street with traffic, and thousands of people are trying to take photos as cars try to pass.

41. I found the most depressed man in the world.

42. The U.S. Embassy looks EXACTLY like a Starbucks!

43. There are faces EVERYWHERE.

56. Their models have giant skulls.

62. While the bridge was built over 100 years ago, many people don't know that this Starbucks has been there since before the bridge was built. Wow!

68. Exactly two seconds after I stopped, a car drove by and splashed this water on the sidewalk ahead of me. If I hadn't stopped to take a photo of the sign I would have been covered with puddle water. That sign saved my life.

69. Back to the reason I took a photo of the sign. The "SE1" on that sign is a zip code. Zip codes in London are SUPER specific and can get you to exactly where you need to go! Cab drivers don't even ask you for the address, they just wanna know the zip.

70. Locals are confused by the fact that their cars drive on the wrong side of the street and need constant reminders for which way to look when crossing.

71. The driving rules have confused all Londoners. Some sidewalks worked the opposite way where you walk on the right side of the direction you are following.

72. But then on some streets people walked according to car rules.

And some places in the subway followed the right side rules. It's all VERY confusing and inconsistent. Walking around London is basically a giant game of pinball.

76. Most retail stores are super inefficient in that near escalators were not all going in the same direction. You'd have to walk all the way around to keep going down.

83. Toward the end of the trip I realized I might not have enough to talk about for this post — so I started panicking. This is what a U.K. iPhone plug looks like compared to the U.S. WHY ARE THEIR PLUGS SO BIG?

89. The airport was very guest-friendly. In the U.S. airports don't want you hanging around. Heathrow had ample space to spend time with whomever you want.

92. The best thing about transatlantic flights is that there is no Wi-Fi on the plane. I had tried to watch this movie four times on a previous flight but kept getting distracted. This time I got to finish it.

94. And the most important thing I learned is that the globe on Facebook rotates depending on where you are in the world.

BuzzFeed / Samir Mezrahi