25 Things That Look Like Vaginas But Are Not Vaginas

Yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

2. This leather couch:

4. This university building in Florida:

5. This Japanese snack:


6. This majestic sea creature:

7. These pigs in a blanket:

8. The Helmut Lang spring 2011 purse line:

9. The Virgin Mary:

10. An icy cliff:

11. The hydnora africana plant:

12. Old bars of soap:

13. Al Wakrah Stadium in Qatar:

14. This strawberry-scented car air freshener:

15. Parentheses with braces inside them:

19. This wireless computer mouse:

20. Spreadable butter:

23. The pocket of these sweatpants:

24. Pizza box art:

25. Your elbow, if you photograph it close up:

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