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    14 Reasons Why Airline Companies Need To Delete Their Twitter Accounts Immediately


    1. People are constantly subtweeting you

    2. And they aren't very nice about it

    3. I mean they are REALLY not nice about it

    4. Do you really want Marco Rubio subtweeting you?

    5. Unfortunately, they aren't even afraid to subtweet it and will tell you directly to your Twitter Face they feel about you

    6. People blame you for ruining their vacations

    7. You end up spending most of your day replying to numbskulls anyways, why continue this?

    8. American Airlines has tweeted over 416,000 (!!!) times. My guess is that 415,000 of them are apologies

    9. Delta even has an account dedicated to apologizing

    10. It has become so insane that it sometimes talks to itself

    11. How many times can you say sorry without meaning it?

    12. What do you say to someone that trusted you with their things only to betray them?

    13. People even spend real money to advertise on Twitter about how much they hate you

    14. Celebrities use the platform just be upset at you, YOU CAN'T WIN!

    Bottom line: Delete your Twitter accounts, it's just not worth it!