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    23 People You Do Not Want Babysitting Your Kids

    REMINDER: Always check references.

    1. This Pregnant Woman

    ...who thought smoking and drinking while pregnant was setting a good example for your 9-year-old son.

    2. Doreen

    ...who has 12-years experience babysitting the children of "the other" inmates.

    3. The people behind this idea

    Bonus points for actually taping a duck to the wall.

    4. Your best friend

    ...who showed up with his truck like this to take your child to the park.

    5. This girl

    ...who had your baby pleading for its life within three seconds of meeting her.

    6. These two teenagers

    ...who thought holding your toddler between their legs would be a great place to keep him while they posed for their latest Facebook pic.

    7. The person who wrote "THUG LIFE" on your daughter's hands

    ...because for some reason they thought it was time to culture your daughter in rap music (even though you are on Team B.I.G.) while you went to dinner with your husband.

    8. Your cousin

    ...who only agreed to babysit because he knew how superior your broadband connection was to his.

    9. Your brother

    ...who thought it was ok to let the dog roam around while your children stay in this cage.

    10. The person you found on craigslist

    ...who though this dog would suffice as a wrap around baby pillow for your 2-month-old.

    11. This guy


    ...who thinks CorningWare + your child would taste great after 30 minutes at 350°.

    12. Your other brother

    ...who thought the kids could use some more time in a cage while he video chatted with a girl online.

    13. Kenny

    ...who you can thank is the reason your kids will sleep with you in your bed until they go away to college.

    14. The person responsible

    ...for setting up a LAN party on the kitchen table for your children. Where are you supposed to eat now?

    15. This dude

    ...who thought he could MacGyver himself out of the job and enjoy a beer.

    16. These two older sisters that you thought you could trust

    ...who ruined LEGOs for your little girl forever.

    17. This uncle

    ...who used all the pillows for his arm and forced your son to sit on his lap.

    18. The girl

    ...who put the headphones on this baby so she could sneak out and get McDonalds.

    19. Your 95-year-old grandfather

    ...who told this boy this was a good idea.

    20. This other pregnant woman

    ...who just fell asleep while watching her niece.

    21. The guy

    ...who thought it would be a good idea to put these two in here for a cage match.

    22. These four (there is a person taking the picture who is also in on it)

    ...who couldn't wait for your kid to go to college before he did his first beer bong.

    23. and finally, this guy

    ...who just fell asleep.

    Moral of the story: Take them with you!

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