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    21 Animals Confess What's On Their Mind

    I sat down with 21 animals from the famous NatGeo Instagram and asked them what's on their mind. Here is what they had to say.

    1. "I've found that if I twist my head like this my neck doesn't look as fat in selfies."

    2. "Should I get lip injections?"

    3. "I think I left the stove on?"

    4. "Did you hear what happened to Cecil?"

    5. "Our beaks are on Fleek."

    6. "Na na na boo boo you can't see me. Oh wait, you can?! Fuck I should have gotten the extended warranty on this chameleon skin."

    7. "I'm the one who clogged the communal office toilet."

    8. "I hate these guys."

    9. "Should I move to California? Fuck it I'm moving to California I don't need this ice shit."

    10. "I've finally decided to leave my husband."

    11. "Does this blubber make me look fat?"

    12. "Ugh, I didn't realize how many gray hairs I had until you took this photograph. Thanks A-hole. Hope you are happy?!"

    13. "My dad doesn't know I'm failing my math class."

    14. "Did you honestly wear that out here in the jungle?"

    15. "I bought this mustache at a prop store in 2003 and haven't told anyone."

    16. "I thought this iceberg was my mom."

    17. "I REALLY have to pee."

    18. "I've been wandering around this same area for the past 3 hours — I'm totally lost."

    19. "Was that a flash? Did you just take a picture of my butt? You just took a picture of my ass didn't you."

    20. "Nice camera. How many megapixels does that thing have? Also, can I eat you?"

    21. "Don't tell anyone I am secretly a vegan."

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