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    Posted on Oct 16, 2015

    19 Reasons Why Low Power Mode Is The Best Thing Ever

    It's all we've ever wanted.

    The reviews are in fam, and everyone agrees

    1. Low Power Mode (LPM) is the most clutch AF thing of all time

    This "Low Power Mode" on the iPhone is clutch af 👌🏾😩

    2. LPM is basically viagra for your phone's battery

    I haven't fully charged my phone in 3 days s/o to low power mode

    3. LPM is quite possibly the greatest Apple invention ever

    Low Power Mode might be the greatest Apple innovation

    4. Even better than the damn iPhone itself


    5. To the point where seeing that popup...

    marccus / Via

    ...Is like sexual healing because you know everything is going to be OK

    Marvin Gaye

    6. And if you want to take it to the next level you keep it on 100% all day

    PS. To do this go to Settings > Battery and you can manually turn it on

    7. Dat yellow battery is everything

    8. LPM is out there saving lives

    Low power mode save lives 😩💯

    9. LPM is out there saving relationships

    @apple low power mode saving relationships

    10. LPM is more family than your actual family

    *Low Battery. 20% battery remaining* low power mode: i got this fam

    11. LPM is a gift from above

    12. LPM is a way of life

    The new low power mode feature on da iPhone is my religion

    13. No one even knows what LPM does, but it does it

    I still have no idea exactly what low power mode does

    14. LPM will always be there for you

    15. 26 States have already legalized marrying LPM

    16. Ignore the haters — their phones are going to die soon anyway because they don’t believe in a higher power (saving feature)

    17. *does the LPM dance*

    Me: iPhone battery goes from 100% to 99% *turns on low power mode*

    18. We finally found out what Dr. Seuss was talking about in that one book

    Dr. Seuss

    19. Never forget

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