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    Justin Bieber Has Seating For At Least 26 People In His Living Room According To My Calculations

    One seat for almost every day of the week.

    Hello! Do you ever wake up and wonder how many chairs Justin Bieber has in his living room? Or if he has two living rooms inside his living room?

    Well, wonder no more because Justin Bieber posted this Instagram yesterday, where he set up and played some sort of Rube Goldberg version of the game classic childhood game "lava."

    If you aren't familiar with the game, it's where you pretend the ground is hot, fiery lava (yes, the stuff that comes out of volcanoes), so you stand on different objects to avoid touching the floor. If you touch the ground, you're out.

    Obviously Justin Bieber is so bored in quarantine that he's resorted to playing the game, which, we ~get it~!!!! (Stay safe out there, everyone!)

    However, after watching the video, it occurred to me that Justin Bieber has a LOT of seating in his home. (At least I think it's his home? For the purpose of this post, let's assume so.) And lucky for you, I counted them.

    Let's begin.

    The more you know!